Tax Services

Comprehensive tax advice and management for companies, individuals and non-residents.

  • Preparation and presentation of all types of tax returns.
    • Enroll in Social Security.
    • Disaffiliate Social Security.
    • Preparation of tax returns such as VAT.
    • Corporation tax.
    • Fractioned payments.
    • Retentions.
    • Personal Income Tax.
    • Income Tax.
    • Tax on Inheritance and Donations.
    • Taxation of Non-Residents in Spain, serving the Double Tax Conventions that may be applicable.
  • Tax planning strategy to follow, with the aim of optimising the tax burden by applying deductions and exemptions applicable to each case.
  • Deferral of payment.
  • Assistance before the Tax Authorities with inspeccions and checks.
  • Filing with the various Tax Organisations the appeals and claims.

In general for any type of management related to taxation, both National, State and Regional, as well as International.