The Firm

In 1991 the firm MOYA & EMERY was born, with the aim of providing a top quality service, designed to provide comprehensive advice to companies. Formed by a group of professionals specialised in different areas: legal, accounting, tax and labour.
It initially emerged as an entrepreneurial company, which over the years has been growing, both by incorporating professionals as well as areas we treat with. This growth is mainly due to the trust that our customers place in us. Years of dedication and spirit of service have enabled us to make available a team of professionals with extensive experience and a high degree of specialisation who treat each client in a personal manner.
We can offer the same physical space, with the comfort that it entails, solutions to problems that may arise. No matter how small. At the same time, we serve a demand subject to controls.
Podemos ofrecer en un mismo espacio físico, con la comodidad que ello supone, soluciones a los problemas que puedan surgir. No importa lo pequeños que sean. Al mismo tiempo, atendemos una demanda sujeta a controles.
We guarantee that all questions and problems that are raised, will be valued and treated taking into account all aspects and possible consequences.
Our values are trust, ethical commitment, professionalism, service quality, personalised service and the creativity.

Fundadores MoyaEmery

The services offered by Moya & Emery are targeted to meet the needs arising From our clients in their professional lives, whether as an employer or employee. We advice within the legal arena to protect them.
We have a team of professionals with extensive experience and prestige guaranteed.
We work in different areas, with a team formed by Lawyers, Economists, Graduates in Business Administration and Management, Graduate Industrial Relations, Tourism Graduates, Accounting Auditors, Labour Auditors, Financial Support, and a great management support and management team.

About Us

Moya&Emery is a Law Firm and Labour Consultancy. Founded by María Moyá, Charo Moyá and Nicolás Emery. We practice since 1991 in Baleares with main activity on the island of Mallorca. We currently have offices in Palma de Mallorca and Palmanova, Calvià. We focus our activity on the two most important business centres of the island. We firmly believe that our family business is a business with a strong consolidation, which allows us to serve many customers. Customers are satisfied with our services due to the personalised treatment we put into their problems. We do not subtract importance to any case, however small it is, while still providing high-quality service. We are committed to change and adapt to the needs of our clients, adapting to the legal market while continuing to ensure the quality and trust that our clients place in us. Our more than 20 years in the industry back us.


Office in Palma de Mallorca.

C/Pere Dezcallar i Net nº11, local 1.

Palma de Mallorca.


+34 971 72 80 10

Office in Palmanova.

C/Cordova nº5, local 5.

Palmanova, Calvià.


+34 971 13 23 59